Paul Fleschler Weightlifting Clinics

Learn from 1992 Olympian and former National Coach Paul Fleschler! Now offering Paul Fleschler Weightlifting Clinics.

Paul will come to your facility for either a one day or a two day clinic to teach your members the Olympic lifts. Paul will provide:

  • Coaching cues
  • Easy to learn coaching progressions
  • Specialty exercises
  • Sport-specific flexibility and mobility exercises
  • Video analysis
  • Weightlifting programming for CrossFit
  • Weightlifting programming for long-distance athletes

For groups larger than 15, please contact Paul directly.

Price: $600 for a one day (four hours)/ $1,000 for a two day (eight hours)

With over 35 years of weightlifting experience and having taught more than 200 coaching courses and clinics, Paul brings the most experience and the most value for the price. Paul has served in every capacity from athlete to coach to volunteer. Most importantly though, Paul knows how to coach and teach the Olympic movements at every level.

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